Bewitching Honeymoon in Vietnam

14 Days 13 Nights

Bewitching Honeymoon in Vietnam
We provide couples with the tour exploring various places. Tourists can experience the busy capital of Vietnam, symbolic landscapes, villages nearby the gentle river and the tropical heaven. The excursion is both comfortable and romantic and also impressive with the adventure time, which can be a suitable memory of your marriage.

  • - Discover along Vietnam with the most famous destinations.
  • - Explore the biggest cities as Hanoi, Da Nang, Saigon with the cultures of cuisine, life & history.
  • - Relax on the mesmeric beaches in Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoian,
  • - Get on board to admire the wonderful Halong Bay & authentic Mekong Delta.
  • - Visit one of the most romantic town of the World: Hoian Old Town.'
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  • Itinerary detail
  • Traveler's notes
Day 1: Welcome to Hanoi Capital

You are welcome to come to our country!
When you arrive, our tour guide will take you to the hotel. You can explore the city at night or take a rest.

The second day: Stroll around Hanoi

After sleeping tightly, you will start the excursion to some outstanding and hidden spots in Hanoi at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum which is the stunning architecture of the respectful former president of the Vietnamese revolution. It is regarded as among the most crucial sites of the country. After that, we will move to the Temple of Literature which has the ancient gardens, courtyards and the architecture of worshiping the Confucius. It is the oldest university of Vietnam with the age of about 1000 years. We will relish a lunch with the traditional food at Home restaurant near the tranquil Truc Bach Lake. It has the simple décor and yellow walls which remind people about the life in the past of Hanoi in the time of French colonists. Next, you are going to drop in on the Old Quarter which has 36 streets named after the products sold in the past.

Your tour guide will introduce to you some streets which still sell the original products such as Bamboo and Tin Street. You travel through the mazelike alleys and watch the authentic city in the best way. Then you are going to admire the traditional houses and temples, listen to the ancient city’s stories and meet the local people. After that, you can enjoy a cup of coffee looking at Hoan Kiem Lake and then head to the last destination Ngoc Son Temple. Before coming back to the hotel, you can have a chance to attend a puppet show to experience the traditional art of Vietnam.
The third day: L’Azalee excursion within 3 days and 2 nights in Halong Bay

In the early morning, we will start moving to the Halong – the port city. When you reach here, you will get on a boat trip on the quiet water heading to Cat Ba Island. You are going to pass through the untouched natural landscapes such as the lively stunning forest covered the limestone formations which rise from the symbolic turquoise water. We will reach the Kiem Lam Bay Area where we can try kayaking, relaxing on boat or swim in the blue sea. When it gets dark, we can relish some soft food while watching the sun goes down. We can experience squid fishing or take a rest on the boat relishing some cool drinks in the late evening. We spend the night on boat also.

Note: the maximum number of people on the overnight trip in L’Azalee is 2.

The fourth day: L’Azalee excursion within 3 days and 2 nights in Ha Long Bay (continue the third day)

We will wake you up early to admire the sunrise in Bai Tu Long Bay. It is a heritage site of the world which is still pristine and peaceful. After that, we will be served a breakfast on the boat and start moving to the north to Ba Hang which has many caves, grottos and fishing villages. We will try rowing the small skiff to discover the water-bound communities and the caves. Then we come back to the small boat and head to Soi Sim Island where you can go swimming or climb up to the peak to have a panoramic view of the whole bay. Next, we will enjoy the dinner while stopping near the Drum Cave. You have time to take a rest on the boat in the evening; otherwise, you can take part in squid fishing one more time and then have a tight sleep on the sea.
The fifth day: Halong Bay – Hanoi – Da Nang

After getting up in the morning, you can catch the sight of the striking limestone karst formations and relish your breakfast. Next, we are going to begin the last day of the cruise. We will move Tuan Chau Marina by boat and then we have a light snack for lunch (depend on your choice). We keep traveling back to Hanoi. You will meet the tour guide at the hotel and come to the airport to fly to Da Nang. When you reach here, you will be taken to the hotel by the guide.
The sixth day: Walking day in Hoian

You will get up in the cool atmosphere with the breeze of the sea. It is a day for you to explore Hoian Ancient Town (the world heritage recognized by the UNESCO) on foot. It was a trading port which merchants from China, France, Japan, Holland, Arab and Portugal came in the period of 16-18th century. It is also among the most stunning cultural spots of Vietnam. Its architecture is affected by Japan, China and Portugal’s culture.

We are going to walk through the streets which have yellow houses on the 2 sides heading to the Chua Ong Pagoda. It was built in 1653 and under the inspiration of Chinese architecture with the sweet scent insides. From that point, we keep walk to Jinshang Temple and Phuc Kien Assembly Hall devoted to the Sea Goddess.

We will have a short rest after dropping in on the 200-year-old Tan Ky House. We stop at one of the most symbolic works of Hoi An namely Japanese Covered Bridge. We will have a chance to enjoy a delicious lunch with the tasty food of Hoi An after drinking a cup of tea at the Reaching Out Tea House which is the aid of the local people for the disabled. Then we cycle to Cam Thanh Village situated in the outer part of the center of Hoi An. Coming here, you can meet and talk to the locals. After that, we will get on a basket boat heading to the coconut forest and visiting the center of Hoi An. The last activity is that we enjoy a cocktail at a rooftop bar in the sunset after floating on Thu Bon River.
The seventh day: a free day to explore Hoian

In the morning, you should get up early to join in the journey in Hoi An. Along with the distinctive architecture and heritage, it is also well-known for its tailors. They have the ability to make a new cloth in high quality in unimaginable time. In case that you do not fancy lying on the beach, you can choose to cycle around the countryside or try fishing as the real fishermen or farming on the rest of the day. You are highly recommended to experience Hoi An in the last night by putting the lanterns onto the water of the river.
The eighth day: take a flight to Nha Trang

Your tour guide will take you to the airport after you relish the breakfast. When you reach the coastal city Nha Trang, the guide will drive you to the hotel. After that, it’s time for you to enjoy the emerald water of the sea, yellow sand bank, wooden walkway and blue sky. Otherwise, you can have a chance to experience the night out on the city.
The ninth day: free in Nha Trang

You will have a good day at the beach after having breakfast or travel around the city. You can also take on a boat trip to explore the untouched surrounding islands. Besides, it is a good idea to try the distinctive mud bath or spa treatment. 
The tenth day: take a flight to Ho Chi Minh City and have dinner at Lady Hau Voyage

After relishing the breakfast, you will meet the tour guide at the hotel and then go to the airport. When you reach Ho Chi Minh City which is usually called Sai Gon, you will keep moving to the hotel and take a short rest. Then you are going to admire the city. It is a moving city with the scooters whizzing past, noodle sellers on the street and the architecture of the present and the past. The next activity is that we join the cruise on the Sai Gon River leading to the Mekong Delta. Lady Hau was the place where products came and went; nowadays, it provides a distinctive experience on cuisine. When you travel on Sai Gon River, you can have a relaxation in the midst of the fresh air and see the colorful lights of the city.

Next, you have an opportunity to relish a tasty meal with Vietnamese BBQ and buffet which are made by the mastered chefs of Sai Gon. It is a good time for you to experience the busy atmosphere of the city. The 3-hour excursion finishes the day 10 with the special food of Vietnam. You can spend the remaining time of the day at a chic bar for a stunning cocktail or rest early in the evening.
The eleventh day: trip in Saigon

You will begin discovering the city in the southern of Vietnam by a personal vehicle. Starting traveling in a crowed morning, you move to the well-known scenery. The first destination is Central Post Office and Opera House. They are the architectural work of the colonists with the sparkling design of the French. You are going to walk leisurely from the post office to the Reunification Palace. It is a crucial part of the reunion of the country after war.

You can enter the Palace to explore the imposing meeting rooms and then watch the view of gardens and lawns from the third floor. You continue the trip to the War relic museum where you can have a closer look at the remnants of the mid 20th century in the view of Vietnamese. You will move to Ben Thanh Market and have a lunch at Mandarin Restaurant with the fresh food here. 
Next, the car will take you to Chinatown and explore the engaged alleys by cyclo which is among the most vehicles of this city. It will take you to the small alley in the area of Chinatown heading to the Cha Tam Church and Chua Ong Pagoda which is striking for its architecture inspired by China.

You are going to the traditional street of herbal medicine where you can learn about the way that the people here use herbs for curing from headache to improving the energy. You can buy a bag of tea as a memento and say goodbye to the hospitable shop owner. Then you will arrive at Bitexco Building – the typical modern architecture of Ho Chi Minh City. It is the fifth highest buildings of Asia with the panoramic view from the EON coffee shop. When the sun goes down, you can enjoy a cocktail and then come back to the hotel. You spend the night here.

The twelfth day: Le Jarai Boat Trip in Mekong Delta.

We will start traveling from the hotel. It takes us about 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre which is thw gate of the delta. We are going to take a boat trip around the Mekong Delta. This area is known as the main rice paddy of our country because it owns big rice productivity. Its activity is divided in to raising animals, crops, growing fruit trees and aquaculture.

We will drop in on the brick factory and then get on a boat exploring the water and the canal. Next, we visit the homemade coconut workshop and learn about the process of making coconut candy, mat and oil. Then you can walk a short way to the village to watch the mat making and take a tuk tuk on the road of the countryside heading to the dam. To continue the cruise, you will get on the gorgeous boat Le Jarai participating in the cook illustration. After that, you have a chance to enjoy the lavish lunch with 3 courses of Mekong specialty and then take a rest on the boat. When coming back to Ben Tre, you can admire the landscapes and return to Sai Gon. You will reach your hotel in the late afternoon.

The thirteenth day: explore Cu Chi tunnels

You will start this day with a delicious breakfast and then move to the dam of the city to join a cruise on Sai Gon River. We are going to contemplate the city fading away in the background. On the way to Cu Chi, we have the chance to watch the life along the riverside.

It was a narrow tunnel which played an integral role in the war in the Tet holiday of the year 1968. It had to be damaged due to the B52 Bomb that the American invaders dropped to the ground of the city. It has many traps for catching people which are big covered holes deep in the ground. These traps can catch the enemies by the points made from bamboo. But do not be scared because you will definitely not step on them. 

You will have a chance to explore the relics of the American tank which was ruined by the landmine. You can also climb up the tank and take amazing pictures. It may be the emotional experience for some tourists; however, it provides us with another view of the wound and hardship of the war. After that, we will drop in on the cricket farm through the countryside. This animal is considered as a delicious food and it can be the nutritious food added into the poor diet of the soldiers.

When you reach the farm, you can watch the cricket in different level growth. Specially, you can try the delicious cricket spring rolls. You are highly recommended to take a photo so your friends will be convinced by your strange experience. Then you will be served traditional food of Vietnam for lunch. Don’t be nervous because this meal does not have cricket again! Then you will be taken to the hotel at the mid of the afternoon and have a time to enjoy the last night at this city by explore the life in the evening.

The last day: leave Ho Chi Minh City

You can spend the last time here by taking more photos or buying mementos and then move to the airport to fly home.
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