Seven Clean Beaches in Vung Tau That Not Many Tourists Know

Vung Tau is one of the large centres of economy, culture, finance, tourism, transportation, and education belonging to Southeastern Vietnam. Besides, the city possesses numerous crystal-clear beaches with fully-furnished infrastructure. Let’s find out seven clean beaches in Vung Tau via the article.

Doi Nhai Beach

Because the beach is far from the resident, it is still pristine and unspoiled with lukewarm water. The vast majority of visitors coming here is backpackers and local citizens, so there are not many individuals know about the beach. Doi Nhai beach is shallow and has no tourism services; thus, camping on this beach will be a great idea. Possessing long white sandbank, turquoise water, and fresh air, it is an ideal destination for travellers to swim and play. Just going away about 7km from the city, you can reach the original and charming beach to have fun with your accompanies.


Seven clean beaches in Vung Tau that not many tourists know

Vong Nguyen Beach

Standing from the top of the mountain where there is the Christ of Vung Tau, you can see the beautiful and straightforward Vong Nguyet beach. Although the beach is located in the inner city, only a handful of people know about it, as the road is so complicated that you have to take a trail through the mountain.

Seven clean beaches in Vung Tau that not many tourists know


Despite the inconvenient road, the beach is a beautiful place to watch the Moon and capture photos. When the Moon appears, or the Sun goes down, the beach looks as if it is covered with sparkling silver, which makes you overwhelmed. Also, the murmuring waves comfort tourists, just like they immerse themselves in the immense natural space.


Suoi O Beach

Suoi O Beach has another name called Song Lo Beach. About 3 kilometres far from Binh Chau market, it is a brand-new attraction that only a few citizens know. The beach is one of the rare beaches in Vietnam that contain both fresh and salt water. Due to this characteristic, there are two parallel flows connected by a white sandbank. The exciting scene attracts tourists to come and discover the beach.

 Seven clean beaches in Vung Tau that not many tourists know

To head to Suoi O beach, you can take a bus for 55.000 to 100.000 vnd or hire a motorbike. After reaching Vung Tau City, go along the coastline in the direction of Long Hai and Ho Tram to find the beach. It is quite near Binh Chau thermae.


Chi Linh Beach

This beach is inside Chi Linh tourist area, about 3 kilometres from the city. The lush green valleys and majestic mountains create a magnificent and pristine view. Visitors will enjoy and relax when touching the lukewarm water and play with the waves while listening to the leaves rustling on the foliage.

Seven clean beaches in Vung Tau that not many tourists know

Chi Linh beach is as alluring as other famous beaches in Vung Tau are. You will fall in love with it for the first time seeing the captivating coastline, putting your feet on the soft sand, as well as exploring the huts on the beach.

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Ho Coc Beach

It is one of the small beaches of Vung Tau, about 40 kilometres to the North. Being a pristine beach and located near the forest, there are not many residents living, just several resorts and hostels. To reach the beach, you need to go through a primary forest with natural beauty and a cluster of green plants and stones. You can take part in some fun activities such as swimming, watching sunrise or sunset, strolling along the beach, or just merely discovering rocks and primary forests.

Seven clean beaches in Vung Tau that not many tourists know

Ho Tram Beach

Ho Tram is a long beach situated between Binh Chau village and Long Hai township. Most of the beaches there belong to resorts, so they are in good condition. Ho Tram is not noisy and crowded like the others, but is brings tourists the most pleasant moments.

Seven clean beaches in Vung Tau that not many tourists know

All the beaches are clean with emerald water and light waves, promising to satisfy all the visitors. If you are searching for a tranquil tourist destination near the city, Ho Tram beach is a great suggestion. Notably, a well-known American channel has voted and recognized Ho Tram as the most beautiful and pristine beach in the world.


Loc An Beach

If you visit Loc An beach on the first days of the year, you will surprise to see the dreamy scenery of peach flower blossoms, which makes you feel as if you are in Japan. Unlike other beaches, you have to take a boat on a large lake to reach Loc An. It will be an exciting experience to discover the oasis Loc An on the other side. On the bank, you will encounter a row of green trees and the blue sea embracing the endless long sand beach, building a harmonic and serene picture.

Seven clean beaches in Vung Tau that not many tourists know

Loc An has a small sand island, jutting into the sea with shimmering beauty like a beautiful islet. From here, visitors can admire the beautiful scenery, sunrise and sunset at sea. Below the sand hill is the smooth coast of creamy yellow and cool blue water. Discovering sand dunes will be a completely new experience for visitors.


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