Six Charming Beaches Which You Should Not Miss in Danang

Danang is oene of the most touristy destinations in Vietnam, due to the hospitable local people, spectacular natural landscapes, and gentle blue beaches. Let's check out six charming beaches in Danang that you should visit during your trip.

Lang Van Beach

This beach deserves to be one of the most pristine and attractive beaches in Vietnam, with soft white sand beach and crystal-clear water. Nature has bestowed on the land charming rustic landscapes of sea, mountains, and islands.

Lang Van beach nestled itself at the footage of Hai Van Pass, the North of Danang city. It looks like an original village in fairy tales, due to the tranquility and isolation. From the city center, you can drive a car or motorbike to the bottom of Hai Van pass, then park your vehicle at a local house to walk to the beach within 20 minutes. Another way to reach the beach is to hire a boat of local people near Nguyen Tat Thanh Road.

Six Charming Beaches Which You Should Not Miss in Danang

The beach is suitable for those who are fond of exploration and backpacking with friends. Watching the sunset, immersing themselves in the fresh atmosphere, and camping overnight are great methods to escape from the heavy workload, daily worries, and spend a pleasant time with your companions.

If you are planning to visit Danang, don’t hesitate to put Lang Van beach in your radar to admire the fanciful pulchritude of the landscape.


My Khe Beach

Situated in Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Danang City, My Khe Beach is one out of six most attractive beaches in the world by Forbes. Coming to Danang, no one wants to miss the chance to enjoy the beautiful moments on the beach with smooth sand and dreamy green trees.

As it is not far from the town, you can head to the beach by motorbike, car, or taxi. From the center, go along the Han River and a range of hotels, the spectacular beach will appear in front of your eyes.

Six Charming Beaches Which You Should Not Miss in Danang 

The local authorities have planned and invested with a full range of services, encompassing various watersports, such as diving, fishing, parasailing, and football. Especially on summer or national holidays, the city always organizes activities of cultural exchanges on My Khe Beach, each year with a different theme. Additionally, tourists will have an opportunity to try fresh seafood at affordable prices.

There are numerous hotels overlooking the sea and luxurious resorts for those who like staying close to the beach. Spending a romantic night with your dazzling and contemplating the sun rises in the early morning must be the highlights during your journey to Danang. Also, don’t forget to capture some beautiful pictures as a beautiful memory.


Non Nuoc Beach

This beach remains mostly unspoiled; therefore, visitors can discover many impressive features of it. About 12 kilometers to the Southeast of the town, the place is accessible for motorbikes, cars, and taxis.

Embracing the foot of the Marble Mountains, the beach is well-known for its natural pulchritude, emerald water, and 5-kilometer-long soft white sand beach. In the summer, it is full of cozy sunshine; meanwhile, when the winter comes, the warm fresh air covers the whole area.

You can totally stroll along the beach on your barefoot, admire the magnificent views while listening to the murmuring waves. Lying on the sand, under the shades of coconut trees, enjoying delicious seafood with your companions, you will find your mind releasing and all the pressure vanishing.

Six Charming Beaches Which You Should Not Miss in Danang

Furthermore, a variety of entertainment is waiting for you to explore, comprising swimming and diving to see the colorful marine world, playing parasailing to watch the sea from bird view, windsurfing to blow stress away, and riding a personal motor craft to test your limits. All of those things will definitely attract travelers.

Once visiting the beach, you only need to walk for five minutes to reach the Marble Mountains possessing the fanciful beauty or explore Non Nuoc stone carving village, as well as enjoy a cruise on Co Co River. It promises to be one of the most notable moments during your trip.

See more other beaches :

Xuan Thieu Beach

Located in the Xuan Thieu ecotourism area, Lien Chieu District, this beach has another nickname ‘Red Beach’, which makes visitors a bit confused, as the Red Sea still owns turquoise water with gentle waves. If they come here in the sunrise or sunset, when the sun reflects its red light on the water surface, the sea will be sparkling with red.

Six Charming Beaches Which You Should Not Miss in Danang

The greenish-blue water combining with the romantic scenery will be a highlight of the bustling Danang city. Not only is a clean site, but Xuan Thieu beach also offers a handful of tourism services, such as personal motor crafts for rent, restaurants, cruise, and tent for rent, attracting more and more guests to come.


Nam O Beach

This beach appeared from the early 1960s. Having a lyrical seduction, it easily attracts visitors. Located in a favorable site, from Xuan Thieu Beach, you can see undulating waves of Nam O beach.

Six Charming Beaches Which You Should Not Miss in Danang

Due to the reefs on craggy ledges welcoming waves, the beach looks intense and wild. It is also a fascinating destination for photoholics to save beautiful images of the sea.


Bac My An Beach

It should be on your list of beaches in Danang. It has a wide range of restaurants, entertainment areas on the coastline of the city.

With the length of four kilometers clear water, and premium resorts, the beach is attracting more and more foreigners and domestic travelers to visit. The appearance of charming hotels and other opulent accommodation is suitable for many types of tourists, from budget travelers to affluent visitors who would like to spend a luxurious vacation on the beach.

Contemplating the sun slowly emerging from the skyline, listening to the murmuring wave sound, lazily lying on the beach and breathe the pure air will make you fall in love with Bac My An beach so much that you don’t even want to come back home. 

 Six Charming Beaches Which You Should Not Miss in Danang

Here are attractive beaches in Danang that you should put on the list of Danang destinations. Let’s pack your luggage and head to the pristine beaches!

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