Dai Lanh Beach - The Charm of Pristine

Away from the center of Nha Trang city, Dai Lanh beach is quietly nestled amidst the cool blue of the ocean with soft white sand and white waves of white foam. The sea is so clear that it can be seen by colorful fish swimming on the bottom of the white sand. The beach is quite shallow, the water level can be wading offshore, ensuring the safety of visitors. This is one of the famous scenic spots and sea tourism of Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province.
Dai Lanh is located close to the border between Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen, about 80 km north of Nha Trang and about 30 km south of Phu Yen. If tourists go along the highway from south to north, before going to Dai Lanh, pass the Co Ma pass, which is named Ma Canh, resembles a horse collar. This is a low pass, short, spacious and easy to go, one side is the sea, one is high mountains, and if traveling from the north, tourists must pass the Ca pass 12 km long, winding winding, lurk in the white clouds covered. Throughout the pass, there is a busy fishing boat village, sparkling blue sea, Dai Lanh, located between four mountains.

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Since ancient times, Dai Lanh has been listed in the famous scenery of the country. According to documents, in the seventeenth Minh Mang (1836), the king sent a craftsman to Dai Lanh scenery on one of the nine large copper plates (The Nine Tops)  in front of The Mieu Temple in Hue Citadel. In the sixth Tu Duc (1853), Đại Lãnh was included in the national dictionary compiled by the court. Folk tradition, more than a century ago, on the path of North-south monopoly through Dai Lanh very rugged, many dangerous animals. Therefore, travelers want to pass this route must focus on each group, each delegation dare to overcome the pass. In the thirteenth year of the reign of Thanh Thai, there was a native of Thua Thien named Pham Ngu Giao, who was healthy and well educated. When coming here, seeing beautiful scenery, high mountains, wide sea, he left this area to do business. Settled here, he spontaneously wade into Tu Bong, Binh Trung, Van Gia meet, make friends with the Confucianism and practice medicine medicine to help the poor in the region. Later on, he gathered many people from all over the place here, established Dai Lanh village crowded fun, rich.

Currently, Dai Lanh beach is still quite primitive, people here mainly live by the sea, fishing. Approaching the beach about 500m, when the sun was not up, the women had gone to the beach waiting for the fishing boat back and where the fish market was busy selling seafood. Also, come here, in addition to resort and bathing, visitors also enjoy the fresh seafood, prices are always cheaper than other places.

After a bathing holiday, on the way home, about 8 km away north, tourists can visit Vung Ro port, a revolutionary monument with a reputation of the secret harbor of the river. Ho Chi Minh City on the sea. From here the "non-digital ships" carrying weapons, ammunition from the north to the south, providing for the battlefield of Zone 5 in the war against America, the country. Visiting Dai Lanh Sea, visit Vung Ro relics, grateful for heroic martyrs, it is a journey of sea tourism and source of meaning.
Coming to Dai Lanh, it seems that all sadness, care and fatigue disappear before the wonderful nature here. So, if someday you feel exhausted with the bustling, noisy city, full of work and pressure, then take your backpack and come to Dai Lanh to watch the sunrise in a space. poetic, peaceful and enjoy fresh seafood dishes, and regain energy for a new energized spinning wheel
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