Quang Ninh Owns The Largest Rockery in Vietnam

Quang Ninh owns one of the biggest rockery in Vietnam, is a large architectural , beautiful, harmonious combination of nature and man-made hand. This giant  rockery  is located in front of Tran Quoc Nghien - a road running along one of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet, attracting visitors from all over the world.
The pristine peninsula is a lonely limestone mountain, locally called Hon Mot, with an area of 865.9m2 at the bottom, which is over 50m above the saline tidal flats of Ha Long Bay. In the 90s of last century, sea leveling projects to build new urban areas, not knowing accidentally or intentionally investors left the waterfall around the foot of the mountain 10.461,5m2, forming the nice rockery  in the residential area of Group 3, Area 6b, Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City.

On December 25, 2013, the People's Committee of Ha Long City has Decision No. 3780 / QĐ-UBND approving the 1/500 detailed plan of Hon Mot area with a total area of 16.342.18m2, including 865.9m2 rocky land, 10.461.5m2 water surface, Green land landscape 1,650.1 m2, land pavement 2,585,97m2, communication infrastructure 778.71m2. The People's Commitee 3, Area 6b, Hong Hai Ward near the rockery contribute to the construction of two embankments to protect the lake adjacent to the residential area, to build roads, grow flower and clean water surface. On New Year's Day, the people still light the flowers to add beauty to the peninsula in the residential area. Recently, project Monbay municipality neighbouring Halong proposed offering a fountain and a viewing platform ... to add beauty to this rockery.

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This rockery is as blessed to mankind, creating randomly arranged it in the architectural space of the new urban column column 5 column 8, on the road along the coast of Ha Long Bay - natural wonders world. Ha Long Bay has also been voted one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the prestigious Huffington Post. A magnificent, handcrafted work of the human hand, with the help of this creature, is in the architectural ensemble. Planning - Exhibitions - Fair, Museum, Provincial Library, Cinema Film, Square 30.10 ... the largest cultural works Quang Ninh, the added value of tourist populations of Ha Long City.

Quang Ninh possesses the largest identified rockery in Vietnam, thanks to the artificial nature of its geomorphology, which increasingly attracts visitors .

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